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Caramel Peanut slice

MACROS PER SERVE Macros: C: 7.8g F: 6.8g P: 2.3G Cals = 85 each!    SERVES= Makes 8 INGREDIENTS: 70mls light coconut cream (Macro) 10g coconut sugar (Macro) 10g dairy free butter (Nuttlex) 30g rice malt syrup (Pure Harvest) 10g vegan gelatin 15g coconut oil  40g dairy free choc baking pieces (Pana Organic Mylk Choc) 10g peanuts (crushed) METHOD: In …

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MACROS PER SERVE C: 2.6g F: 4.7g P: 2.6g Cals =   62.4 per truffle LESS THAN 1G SUGAR PER SERVE! SERVES = Makes 7 INGREDIENTS: – 20g Choc hazelnut spread (Pana Organics) – 10g Dairy free butter (Nuttlex Buttery) – 40g Light coconut cream (Macro)* – 15g Vegan protein powder (Petite Protein vanilla flavour) – 10g Baking choc chips …

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MACROS PER SERVEC: 30gF: 11.8gP: 9.4gCals =   264 calories a serve ONLY 6g SUGAR PER SERVE! SERVES= 1 serve of 4 (divide the mix by 4 after its cooked) INGREDIENTS: – 200g Ripe bananas (2 medium size) – 100g Self-Raising flour (The Healthy Baker) – 25g Vegan protein powder (Petite Protein vanilla flavour) – 1 Whole egg – 30g …

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2nd November 2020

Competing goal Whats next… Physique aspirations Gyms back!!! Work life currently Instagram Facebook Product-hunt Spotify


MACROS PER SERVEC: 9gF: 3.4gP: 5.3gCals = 89 calories each  SERVES= 1 serve of 7 (divide the mix by 7) INGREDIENTS: – 70g Self-Raising flour – 30g Vegan protein powder (Petite Protein vanilla flavour) – 1 egg – 30g Dairy free butter (Community co) – 30g Sugar free brown sugar alternative (Natvia)  – 3 Drops vanilla essence (Queen) – 1/2 …

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MACROS PER SERVE C: 5.8g F: 5.1g P: 4.8g Cals = 90 calories each  SERVES = 1 serve of 8 (divide the mix by 8) INGREDIENTS: – 60g Self-Raising flour – 30g Vegan protein powder (Petite Protein vanilla flavour) – 1 egg – 30g Dairy free butter (Community co) – 20g Baking stevia (Natvia) – 3 Drops vanilla essence (Queen) …

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MEXICAN GYM If you also live Melbourne… you’ll feel me on the whole training in ‘lockdown’ vibe.   Since March, with the exception of two weeks since, the gyms here have been closed. It’s been a rough time…  We have had to source equipment and make do from little home gyms with less than ideal conditions.  Our first home gym was …


LOW FAT – less than 100 CALS PER SERVE This is an alternative potato gems trick! MACROSC: 30gF: 6gP: 3.6gCals = 196 SERVES= 1 serve INGREDIENTS: – 200g Mash potato (Bell Farms) Freezer section at Woolies! METHOD: Air fry for 15 minutes or until browned. Serve with salt! CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE my ‘SNACK HACKS EBOOK’ – 19 custom recipes– …

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DAIRY FREE – VEGAN – GLUTEN FREE MACROS C: 10.3g F: 20.1g P: 15.2g Cals = 288 SERVES = 1 serve of 2 cookies INGREDIENTS: – 10g Dairy free butter (or butter of choice) – 30g Light coconut cream (Macro) – 10g Almond flour (Planet Food) – 10g Coconut flour (Planet Food) – 10g Vegan protein powder (Petite Protein vanilla flavour) …

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10th September 2020

This video chat: My prep being cancelled for the second time My body reversing now compared to last cancellation The goal now for me The challenges in lockdown  Lockdown and training TP Shop plans Food habits and routine Instagram Facebook Product-hunt Spotify