If you also live Melbourne… you’ll feel me on the whole training in ‘lockdown’ vibe.  

Since March, with the exception of two weeks since, the gyms here have been closed. It’s been a rough time… 

We have had to source equipment and make do from little home gyms with less than ideal conditions. 

Our first home gym was underground in our car park… very illegal as per our body corporate rules! But we did it anyway because #gains.

Being in a prep during this time was fucking HARD. How could I just have stopped training when I’m still prepping for a show?

Not training wasn’t an option regardless, training and my progress means so much to me.

We bought all our equipment first time around through Facebook Marketplace.

We went to Bunnings and found things to make this carpark work like a gym.

We sourced high and low for what we needed to make this work.

I felt so motivated to encourage others to keep training whatever that looked like. Training isn’t just a habit or a discipline… it’s a way of living we are so used to. Having that taken away from me really made me realise why I love training and what I enjoy most about the gym. I felt motivated to grow during this time despite the obstacles.

There’s a gym in Mexico in Tulum that’s on the beach and It’s so bad ass and it made me think of our little set up using what we can wherever we can. 

We called our little garage gym the Mexican Gym, not for any reason just because we loved the name. Victorian gym doesn’t sound bad ass.

It didn’t matter that the conditions weren’t ideal, or that it was underground and dirty… we learnt that with our mind our gym can be whatever we make it to be.

There wasn’t any natural daylight and the sensor light would keep turning off and most of the time it was freezing cold being middle of June but we made it work and we gave the whole ‘no excuses’ thing a real good shot.

This period of time has taught me that what matters more when it comes to your training is your mindset. I’ve always believed this, but training from home and ‘making do’ has really made me appreciate my mindset and willingness to power through any challenge.

I can say as lockdown 2.0 continues 8 months later, gyms aren’t reopening and no official date given… I have never better about my training. I even started squatting despite my back issues and learnt so much about my training from a personal level and its really encouraged me to look at this point in time as an opportunity not a set back.

I hope anyone else in the same position right now, whether you’re training from your balcony, your lounge room or garage… remember your why and keep smashing it regardless.