These three words mean so much to me.

Without sounding too corny… scars to me isn’t a representation of a physical thing.

I believe it’s more a representation of pain, suffering and trauma. Something you could say is purely emotional to you.

Designing the Scars Build Thrones I wanted a graphic to represent mental strength. The skull is representative of your head, your mentality.

I know from my past my head hasn’t always looked like ‘roses’ and sunshine.. Anyone that’s suffered emotional trauma or depression would relate to this.

The roses growing out of the skull represent this, that beautiful things can grow inside your head. That you can grow mentally.

Beautiful things can grow in dark places. 

I believe we are faced with adversities to challenge us not to knock us down. How we handle the situation is sometimes more important than the situation itself. Without adversities we would fail to grow, learn and build personal resilience.

Expecting to have a positive outcome from a negative mindset will never work in your favour. You’ll end up resenting the situation and investing too much energy into the emotional side of things.

Learning to have a logical approach and putting emotions aside has given me the chance to see things clearer, to find a positive in every negative situation. No matter how vulnerable I may feel I know that this resilience I have built shines through and makes me feel invincible.

So what is your ‘throne’?

I know that as I go through my own sea of battles, I’m not just building my empire… I’m building my ‘throne’.

What your ‘throne’ actually is, is your life accomplishments, the end goal despite these adversities. It’s standing up in the face of it all and refusing to do anything but succeed. It may require a new way of thinking to get there but refusing to give up will build you like nothing else will.

My message is adversities, big or small, can build you. Make the commitment to yourself to use these as motivation to do better, be better. 

You’ll realise that through this, growth is inevitable, you’re slowly building your empire.

This is your throne. ♛