Don’t be weak.

A guide to having a stronger mindset and applying this to your life.

Something I am passionate about, is distinguishing myself as an athlete not just a competitor. I believe I have a strong mentality because I have learnt to have one. I don’t copy and paste my beliefs from influencers or tried to be someone I’m not… I just mentally pushed myself to became the mindset I want to live with today.

I can tell a weak person within a conversation. They way they talk about themselves, the way they hold themselves, the way they treat others. Do you devalue yourself? Talk about yourself negatively? Think about how this weakness is affecting your decisions and actions. Being a weak person shouldn’t be feared, but used as motivation. Just like you would turn your body building weaknesses into a strength by working on them not avoiding them. A weak person never pursues there dreams and lives in fear of the unknown. I talked about the way we internally talk to ourselves in another blog and I honestly believe it dictates everything in our lives especially the actions we take towards our goals.

F*CK SELF DOUBT. WHY? Because self doubt IS BRED FROM WEAKNESS. Say this with me over and over in your head: I REFUSE to be weak. Mental weakness is in your control.


I see both an athlete and a competitor as completely different individuals. An athlete lives and breathes their mentality and uses this to build themselves competitively. An athlete wouldn’t just cruise through expecting there to be results if they didn’t work hard for them. Someone that doesn’t just want to compete, but KILL IT.A competitor is more of a placid contender, someone who would compete of the sake of it. Someone that would maybe half ass their workouts or breeze through a prep with a less than impressive attitude. If you continue to have a placid and mellow attitude towards your goals, how are you going to achieve them? These kinds of people fail to push themselves to do the 1% things that will actually get them closer to where they need to be. Mentally I can see the weakness in placid people because they continue to hold themselves back. I just think if people spent as much time on developing their mindset as they do their bodies, you will develop a set of attributes that will win you at anything in life and to me that is the real value of being a mentally strong person. Do you want to breeze through and be a competitor in life or a REAL contender? Do you want to challenge the difficulties you’re faced with or allow them to dictate your life? An athlete thinks a certain way and behaves accordingly and is driven within their goals with a relentless attitude. Something that cannot be taught but more so experienced. Being a better athlete comes from the mindset and then comes the behaviour. Mindset is a wonderful thing, the fact we are able to shape and mould it into something we live by and are proud of. But mindset will also have a direct impact on your goals. Nail the mindset and you WILL nail your goals.


I can be a very kind and sensitive person but I will be blunt here. I’m not the kind of person to bow down to being comfortable and I see it far too often with people. That person that hates their job, wants to lose weight but doesn’t try, that person that is easily manipulated by partners or friends to go against their goals. Living with anxiety and past depression from traumatic emotional experiences in my life has always pushed me out of comfort zones. But I’ve ALWAYS grown from it. People need to realise that you have to work hard at change and It’s not going to happen unless you are in control. We can’t just carry on doing the same repetitive things and expecting a different result. Just this past week I changed jobs and moved house. I was unhappy. Sounds simple, it wasn’t, but I knew it would be worth it. But nothing is more uncomfortable than being comfortable because nothing will ever change or grow while you’re there. Smart people realise our whole life compiles of being uncomfortable for periods of time and learning to adapt aka grow. When you move from high school to university. When you move out of home for the first time. When you have your first child or buy your first home. When you realise all of these natural or expected human changes are consistent with growth and therefore being uncomfortable, you’ll realise you can literally achieve anything because we have learnt to adapt to new changes as humans.


I really hate the less is more mentality. I hate the way people use and abuse the word ‘balance’ as if it’s necessary for happiness. If you want to achieve something in your life, more, is MORE. I don’t believe in balance. I’m not going to tell you all I’m comfortable with my body and don’t want to change anything. I’m not going to tell you all to “eat that burger” to promote balance. I’m going to tell you, if you want something bad enough f*ck balance. Don’t be held back by the same people that preach balance because chances are they will tell you you’re doing ‘too much’ or you don’t need to change anything. Balance comes when your goals are achieved and you’re happy maintaining where you are simple as that. I sure as hell want to change my body and until I’m where I want to be as an athlete, that’s when I’ll be content with my achievements and can be one of those insta girls preaching how good balance is, but no lol that’s not me (AND those same people are probably kobucha health benefit preachers). I’m an all in balls in kind of girl and I think that if you want to achieve something, wherever that is on the scale of things, you need to understand it’s not going to just happen to you unless you work for it. I’ve never met a person that hasn’t wanted to achieve something? Maybe an elderly patient who’s lived their life, but someone always wants to achieve something right? So why go in with a half assed attitude. Whether that’s save for a house, build your business, achieve your fitness goals… don’t just settle for a comfortable attitude or you’ll just lengthen our that time frame to achieve this. Instead of something taking 6 months it will take 6 years because you just plotted along preaching balance. I also believe that everyone has a different type of balance. Your balance is what you define it as and more or less relates to your happiness! Some people like my best mate and I are happy training 6 days a week, prioritising our fitness goals above socialising because to us, that’s our key to success and that’s our happiness. To others, it would seem like we don’t have balance in our lives. But our inner balance and satisfaction in our life truly comes from achieving. Go into every goal as if it’s your last set on an exercise. You push until failure, but you need 5 more reps, you breathe close your eyes and do another 5 almost shocking yourself. That 5 more reps is your relentless attitude to doing more to achieve more. When you’re think you’re done or reached your max, do more. You’ll be surprised at what you can achieve.


Most of the time of of the biggest contributing factor in someone’s failure to achieve a desired goal, is a lack of self belief. This also stems from doing something you haven’t done before or that fear of the unknown. Self belief is internal emotions, usually reflective of how you feel about yourself. FILL YOURSELF WITH POSTIVE AFFIRMATIONS! You can do this. Remember when you rode a bike for the first time, your parents encourage you because they know you can do it. You give it a go and it’s not perfect the first time, took a few goes but eventually you get it. This situation can literally be applied to anything you want to do. Your first experience is anything may not be perfect, but don’t let it deter you, it should motivate you. Sure, my first body building experience was successful, but my second wasn’t. So, just like riding a bike, you work hard to nail the next attempt just like I continue to work hard to nail my next show. Don’t be held back from something because it is new and uncomfortable. It’s always going to be an uncomfortable experience if it’s new but you should go in to new experiences with an open mind so you are able to face the challenges with a positive attitude.